American Eagle
of NFFE Local 273, Fort Sill, OK

1. Please vote for the following candidates for office. These candidates have agreed to work together to support the New Deal Platform. We will work together for Justice. All for One and One for All.

President ____________________ Calvin Robinson
Vice President ________________ Carolyn Morrison
Recording Secretary __________ Ron Ballew
Secretary/Treasurer ___________ Angelia King

2. You have an opportunity to vote for candidates willing to keep you informed about Union activities conducted by the Union in your name. Almost no information comes from the present Union officers. The current officers do not publish a Union Newsletter, they do not have a Union web site, and they do not send members of the bargaining unit email about current Union meetings and business.

3. If you want Union activities to remain a secret you can re-elect the current officers. On the other hand, you have a right to know what the Union is doing in your name. Vote for the candidates above. They will keep you informed and protect your right to organize to improve working conditions. They will insure you have a fair hearing when officials file disciplinary actions against you or against your co-workers and friends.

4. Union officers and Stewards are the policemen who write the labor law breakers a ticket every time they violate the Negotiated Agreement, Federal Labor Law, and personnel regulations.

5. Under Federal Law Union officers and representatives are the only persons authorized to negotiate changes in your working conditions. You need Union officers and representatives who will protect employee rights instead of negotiating them away.

6. New Deal Candidates will give you a New Deal. Please take the time to vote at the Union office on March 18, 2003 from 0600 to 1700. The New Deal Candidates above are running together as a team on the New Deal Platform. Please vote for all of them to elect a more active leadership team that will keep you informed.

7. Thank you for continuing to support the Union with your membership dues. Union members on Fort Sill are an endangered species. Members deserve special recognition and awards for their contribution of time and money.

8. Union membership is a silent service that preserves the right of employees to organize for better working conditions. The Union of Federal employees is part of the essential checks and balances established by Congress to reign in the almost unlimited power of managers and supervisors.

9. The New Deal Candidates above urge members to not only vote for new officers of the Local, but also to exercise your right to aid the Union and your fellow employees. If you are afraid to aid the Union as a Union Steward, or by sitting at a membership drive table, for fear of reprisal by Management, then Management is breaking the law by creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.

10. Stand up and be counted. You can contribute more to the agency mission by writing tickets to supervisors and managers for abuse of power and for violations of Federal Labor Law and Personnel regulations, than you can by laying low and hoping they don't come for you next. You have a right to file charges against managers that abuse and injure employees. So, lets join the Union team and improve employee working conditions by documenting managers who are injuring employees and breaking the law.
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