American Eagle
We Need

of NFFE Local 273, Fort Sill, OK

1. New Deal Candidates will communicate with members.
The Negotiated Agreement (Union Contract) gives the Union the right to communicate with members of the bargaining unit. Members deserve to receive a monthly Union Newsletter, up to date bulletin boards, email minutes and notice of meetings, and a Union WEB site. The Union newsletter and WEB site should feature union activities and notable accomplishments.

2. New Deal Candidates will approach all newly hired employees. The Union contract allows the Union to make a presentation to new hires. This should be put to good use to recruit new members and to inform employees of Union goals and accomplishments.

3. New Deal Candidates will have membership drives. The Union contract allows 2 membership drives a year. Membership is the life blood of an effective Union. Before the Union can be an effective negotiator for the employees, it needs at least 50% of the members of the bargaining unit to be dues-paying members of the Union.

4. New Deal Candidates will challenge all violations of employee rights. We need Union Officers who will defend the contract and the members of the bargaining unit. Every violation of employee rights should result in a Union action against bad managers.

5. New Deal Candidates will publish statistics to expose management's high rate of charges against employees. Right now everything is a secret. This needs to be exposed to public view before it can be cured.

6. New Deal Candidates will be proactive in exercising Union rights listed in the Union contract. Management should not be allowed to run a "Company Union" of elected representatives that meets with the Commander and negotiates changes in working conditions. Working conditions have already been negotiated. Only Union representatives are authorized to negotiate changes to these working conditions with management.

7. New Deal Candidates will defend the employees' right to join or assist the Union. The right to organize for better working conditions and better treatment is recognized in Federal Law. We need Union Officers who will fight to overcome the atmosphere of fear and intimidation that makes employees afraid to speak out, afraid to join or assist the Union, and afraid to fight back when their rights are violated.

8. New Deal Candidates will defend the Union Stewards. A management attack against a Union Steward should be viewed as an attack against every member of the bargaining unit. Union Stewards should be able to represent employees without fear of reprisal, with confidence they will be backed up by the Union Officers.

9. New Deal Candidates will partner with the employees. We need Union Officers who are partners with the employees, not with management. Management has unlimited resources and is the aggressor that files charges against employees.

10. New Deal Candidates will give you a New Deal.

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