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14. USERY. Interest is usery and used to be punished by death. Gradually decrease the maximum legal interest rate until it reaches zero. This will reduce prices which are inflated because people can borrow money to buy things they cannot afford. Interest reduces the effective income of everyone who pays it. People will have more money if they cannot borrow money because the interest is lost income. Everyone will be better off. People with excess money (stolen from the people) will have to invest it in plants and factories instead of loaning it out. New plants and factories will create new jobs that will make everyone better off. This will reduce the need for charity. People with excess money can still loan it out, or give it away, but they cannot charge interest for it.

13. NEW STATES. Add new States of Guam, Haiti, Puerto Rica, Cuba, Mexico, British Columbia, American Samoa, and Washington, D.C.

12. CORPORATE THEFT. CEO pay or the pay of Corporate Officers will be limited to $500,000 per year. Any more than that is theft of stockholder money and will not be allowed. No ones's time is worth more than that. There will be no "Golden Parachuttes" for CEOs or Corporate Executives. Gross pay from all sources over $500,000 per year will be taxed at the rate of 100%. This will insure that no one is stealing any more than that from the public. CEOs will not be payed more than US Senators, and Corporate Officers will not be paid more than Congressmen in the House of Representatives. The highest paid citizen in the United States will be the President of the United States. Anyone being paid more that the President will be taxed at 100% of gross total income.

11. UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE INSURANCE. MEDICARE will be the Universal Health Care program for all citizens. Everyone will pay into it (including Congressmen) and everyone will receive medical care payments from it (including Congressmen). Risks will be equally shared because everyone will be covered regardless of preexisting conditions. MEDICARE funds will be self supporting and will not be diverted to other causes. Fraud, waste, and abuse will be severeley punished. Costs will be controlled and reasonable.

10. RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed. The Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is an individual right, yet most cities and States infringe upon this Right. Semi-automatic rifles are not Assault Rifles, yet they are banned under the Assault Rifle Ban laws in most cities and states. Assault Rifles are fully automatic machine guns, not semi-automatic rifles. Even so, Washington DC, for example, has defined any rifle with an ammo clip to be a "machine gun" and banned as a machine gun. I know I have a Right to own and carry (keep and bear) a semi-automatic rifle or pistol, and that any law that infringes upon this right is unconstitional, illegal, and null and void, as though it does not exist. Yet, the police, in some cities and states will put you in jail for owning and carring a semi-automatic rifle or pistol.

9. NUCLEAR POWER. Nuclear Power plants are not clean and they are not safe. There is no safe place to store the radioactive waste generated by a nuclear power plant. Nuclear power plants leak radiation in the surrounding area, and nuclear power plants do not inform the public when there is a radiation leak. We do not need, or want, any nuclear power plants.

8. One National Old-Age Retirement System - Social Security. If I was President of the United States, I would establish Social Security as the one national old-age retirement system. This will include all American citizens over 65, including all government and non-government employees, and including Congress and the President. If Congressmen are under Social Security instead of their own fat-cat private retirement system, they will be more inclined to adequately fund Social Security. Social Security funds will collect interest and will not be used for purposes other than to pay retirement checks to citizens over age 65. Social Security funds will be self supporting and will not be diverted to other causes. Fraud, waste, and abuse will be severeley punished. Costs will be controlled and reasonable.

7. Cap Credit Card Interest Rates. If I was President of the United States, I would put a cap on the interest rates on credit cards. Ten percent (10%) interest, or 3% over the Prime Rate will be the maximum rate. Any more than that is just institutionalized theft. Payments will be applied to the highest interest rate balances first, and interest rates will not be raised on existing balances. Terms will not be changed on existing balances. Notice of change of terms on future charges will be mailed 60 days prior to the effective date. Notices of balance due will be received 30 days before the payment due date, and there will be a 30 day grace period after the due date before payments are considered late. There will no annual fee, or late payment fee, or over the balance fee, or any other fee except interest. The only penalty for late payment, or over the balance, will be suspension of future charges until the account is made current. Simple interest will be charged on the end of month balance only once a month. Credit cards will not be issued to anyone under the legal age to vote. Universal default will be banned. Failure to keep one credit card current will not be used to raise interest or change terms for other credit cards. The penalty for default on one credit card will only be applied to that credit card.

6. Pay Off the National Debt. If I was President of the United States, I would pay off the National Debt. This debt burden should not be passed down to our children. Government borrowing competes with private borrowing and raises interest rates. Every payment on the National Debt will make more money available in the commercial and private market, and it will be at a lower interest rate. This will stimulate the economy and increase taxes to pay off more of the debt.

5. Stop Deficit Spending. If I was President of the United States, I would stop deficit spending. Government spending will not exceed government income. If this is good enough for the Family and the States, it is good enough for the Federal Government. It is not acceptable to spend our children's future. The Federal Government has too much money and is on a spending binge.

4. General Amnesty for Non-Violent Prisoners. If I was President of the United States, I would declare a General Amnesty for Non-Violent Prisoners. Jails and prisons will be reserved for violent criminals. Non-violent crimes will be punished with restitution, fines, and Community Service.

3. Lower Taxes, Less Government, More Freedom. If I was President of the United States, I would give the people lower taxes, less government, and more freedom. I will change the Federal Income Tax to a Flat Rate Tax that will not exceed 10% of Gross Income from all sources, with no exemptions. Family income below the Poverty Level will not be taxed. This will create a simple fair tax that is equally shared by all.

2. Minimum Wage. If I was President of the United States, I would set the minimum wage at $10.00 and hour and tie it to a percentage of a Congressman's salary. Then everytime the Congressmen give themselves a raise the poorest workers would get a raise too.

1. Inspiration for Blog. This was inspired by the question on CNN: "What would you do if you were President?" Oct-22-06

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