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July 12, 2005 - Smoke Signals: The Latest NEWS

Cherokee Reunion Web Site
2008 Cherokee Reunion Pictures


Latest update on the 2012 Cherokee All Class Reunion - The first Reunion Meeting will be this Saturday, April 9, 2011, at 10:00 AM, and will be at the Old Turley Methodist Church at 61st & Owasso Ave.

The Tulsa School Board will vote May 2nd on consolidating and closing some Tulsa Schools. They will decide to close Cherokee Elementary School down, or leave it open. This may affect our reunion plans.

(Updated by Phil Billingslea, Cherokee Class of 1959, Chairman of Cherokee Reunion Committee.)


Latest update on the 2008 Cherokee All Class Reunion - Reunion will be held at Cherokee, Saturday May 31, 2008 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. RSVP to Bob Cooper - More information here Cherokee All Class Reunion - 2008 and here:

Hi Ron, giving you an update on the Cherokee Alumni Reunion for 2008, It will be May 31, 2008 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We have sent out the first mailing and are waiting to see how many are interested in coming before we set a price. Also on the Turley School Website there are pictures from inside the old 3 story red brick building. If there is a demand for more pictures, I will add more pictures from inside the building. The Cherokee school Alumni website is: Thanks and you have a great New Year. Phil Billingslea
Hey Ron, We're planing our next Turley Cherokee Alumni Reunion April 5, 2008. I'm in the process of building an official website you can View: Thanks, Phil Billingslea - Chairman of 2008 reunion, Class of 1959.

August 4, 2005 - Smoke Signals: The Latest NEWS
Turley High School, 1920-2005, original red brick building destroyed August 2005. Get the story here at Bob Cooper's Web Site. Bob is the Historian for Turley, Oklahoma.

Tom Tom - Cherokee 1954-1955 Year Book Alumni Lists: Just click on my address to leave EMail to (Class of 56) to add your name to the alumni list.  Your classmates would like to know something about what you have been doing. Suggested information is: "Living in City, State. Married/Single with x children, x at home. Working as x. Classmates feel free to email me.

OPTIONAL: Send in your name and a list of graduates for your year from your yearbook if you still have it.

This page is for all Turley Cherokee Elementary and Junior High School Alumni and is sponsored by the Class of 1956.

2004 Reunion:  
On April 17, 2004 there was an all classes, all school reunion at Cherokee.   There were 500 alumni at this Cherokee reunion. This was the first reunion I went to and it was a lot of fun. Although this was billed as the last reunion because the reunion committe had become very old and very small, some younger classmates joined the reunion committee and will be planning another reunion. Seventeen people volunteered for the reunion committee.

What do 500 people do at a reunion? The plan was to have a 9 AM Registration with donuts and coffee, a 10 AM Assembly, Invocation, and Flag Ceremony, and class pictures after the assembly. What actually happened was that 500 people sat down at tables with their graduating class and started talking, grinning, and eating. When you weren't moving from table to table talking to people you knew, people were coming up to your table and talking to you. There were Subway sandwiches and accessories for lunch, in addition to the donuts, coffee, and soft drinks on the side.

It seemed like nearly everyone there was related to one another somehow. Classes were comingled because of cross-class marriages, and because of brothers and sisters that were in other classes. You could walk up to someone you did not know personally, and they either knew you, or they knew one of your brothers or sisters. It was more than a class reunion; it was a family reunion.

Class pictures were taken for each year. These went on all day. I think the largest class present was the Class of 1956, with over 20 classmates present. There were drawings for prizes, including $50.00 and $100.00 bills, thanks to many great sponsors. Joe Goad, from the Class of 1956, won the grand prize, a $100.00 bill.

Our thanks go to the reunion contact, Bob Cooper 918-425-5294, and the reunion committee. For more information, write to Turley Cherokee Reunion, P.O. Box 6563, Tulsa, OK 74156, or click on an email link here and contact a classmate.

Class Lists: 

Cherokee Jr. High School Class of 1958.
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Cherokee Junior High School Class of 1958

Cherokee Class of 1957-1958 in April 2004 at Cherokee Reunion

Front Row: Sammie Dennison, Penny Boyd, Denise Lakey, Parilee Cly, Nellie Carol Easley, Phyllis Snyder, Paula Capps
2nd Row: Donna Wixon, Tommy Harmon, Donna Jarrard, Karen Antie
3rd Row: Betty McDowell, Charlotte Hill, Etta Sue Gearhart, Judy Spencer, Linda Haas
Back Row: Joe Farney, Jerry Spencer, Bill Mosby, Jack "Sonny" Petrie, Clarence Ashlock, Charles Sisler, Billy Moss

Henry Bass, Kenny Eckerd, and Robert "Bud" Harrold were at the reunion but are not in the picture.


Antle, Karen
Ashlock, Clarence


Ballew, Don (Monroe Jr. High in 1958)
Bass, Henry
Boyd, Penny


Capps, Paula

Cly, Parilee (Cox) Hi. This is Parilee Cly Cox. I am asking if you know of anyone who has pictures of the inside of the Cherokee old red brick building. I didn't know that they were tearing it down until it was already in the process & too late to take pictures. Thanks. 2 children: a daughter & a son. Now single and need to be working outside my home! Hobbies: motor scooter riding: I have a Honda Reflex 250 cc scooter. I am a Member of Hooters on Scooters, a all girl scooter club. I am the oldest member but I still enjoy the club & our rides & activities. I also ride with an informal group on Thursday nights. It would be nice to have a former classmate to ride with. A new member of the Red Hat Society. It has been fun collecting red hats & red & purple clothes. Betty McDowell., Penny Boyd & Charlotte Hill are also members of this group. We look pretty spiffy in our red & purple. I being on the go and very thankful that I am in good enough health to be able to. Looking forward to the next Cherokee reunion. The last one was great!
(Checked in August 8, 2005)


Dennison, Sammie


Easley, Nellie Carol
Eckerd, Kenny


Farney, Joe


Gearhart, Etta Sue


Haas, Linda
Hardy, Jimmy (Monroe Jr. High in 1958)
Harmon, Tommy
Harrold, Robert "Bud"
Harvey, Jessie (Monroe Jr. High in 1958)
Hill, Charoltte



Jarrard, Donna



Lakey, Denise


McDowell, Betty
Mosby, Bill
Moss, Billy


Norrid, David (Monroe Jr. High in 1958)



Petrie, Jack "Sonny"



Ragle, Jimmy (Monroe Jr. High in 1958)


Sisler, Charles
Snyder, Phyllis
Spencer, Judy
Spencer, Jerry





Wixon, Donna




Cherokee Jr. High School Class of 1957

Bertling, Kay
Bertling, Shortie
Denney, Jack
Finch, Dixie Lee
Gourley, Joyce
Webb, Bob

Cherokee Jr. High School Class of 1956

Cherokee Jr. High School Class of 1955

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2008 Cherokee Reunion Web Site
Hey Ron, We're planing our next Turley Cherokee Alumni Reunion April 5, 2008. I'm in the process of building an official website you can View: Thanks, Phil Billingslea - Chairman of 2008 reunion, Class of 1959.

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