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The Ballews and related families.

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Ronald Willis Ballew of Mangum Oklahoma, 1941.
The information presented on these pages is provided with no guarantee as to accuracy. The spelling of the surname Ballew has many different forms even for the same person throughout our family's history in this country. One document may spell it Belue while another document refering to the same person may spell it Bellew or Ballew or Billue or Blue.

Dictionaries of surnames indicate probably spelling variations of the Ballew surname to be Ballou, Balloue, Balloues, Ballewe, Ballewes, Balew, Balews and Ballews. Although bearers of the old distinguished Ballew name comprise a small percentage of individuals living in the United States, there may be a large number of your direct relatives who are using one of the Ballew name variations.

Septs (Related Family Names): Graham

The surname Ballew is a comparatively rare name, and appears to be locational in origin. It can be associated with the French, meaning, "one who came from Ballew, France." There are an estimated total of approximately 2,706 Ballew households. There is a total population of some 7,847 men, women and children who proudly bear this distinguished family name.
The Ballew Coat of Arms as well as the arms for most American names is associated primarily with European medieval culture and has been recorded in heraldic archives. There was undoubtedly more than one Ballew Coat of arms. The earliest Coat of Arms for Ballew which we could find was described as follows and became unique to an early Ballew.

The Ballew Coat of Arms illustrated is officially documented in RIETSTAP ARMORIAL GENERAL. The original description of the arms (shield) is as follows:
When translated the blazon also describes the original colors of the Ballew Arms as"

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