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REUNION, May 22-24, 2009. Hey Ron! Members of the first 4 classes at McLain are going to have a combined reunion on the Memorial Day Weekend, May 22,23, and 24, 2009. This will honor McLain's 50th anniversary, since the school opened in 1959. We are going to register the reunion on Put a circle around that weekend and plan on joining us for the biggest reunion MHS has ever had!
Clarence Cagle, MHS 62 ;
Marilee Cly, MHS 61 , ;
Pat Cagle Tiffin, MHS 63 ; and
Marsha Parks Chisum, MHS 64 , are points of contact for the respective classes. Submitted by Clarance Cagle, email address: (Updated September 24, 2008).

REUNION 2009: Has anyone asked you to put a “statement” on your webpage about the 2009 Reunion being planned. It is not just for graduates. Anyone who attended Cherokee or Mclain from ’61-’64 is invited. They need to contact: , , or Clarance Cagle at for additional information; OR call me @ 425-2626…a Turley number. Thanks, Marilee Cly ‘61

Class of 1961 Email Directory
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Other Tulsa McLain High School Web Sites: Original Tulsa McLain High School web site maintained by Jerry Hall. Jerry recently moved from Phoenix to Tulsa and brought this with him. This was very active in Phoenix and being used often. Jerry is the webmaster and did a VERY fine job on it. Thanks to Jerry Hall, Class of 1961, for the excellent list of names and for the format used on this web site. Thank you.... Penny Boyd-Boren


Class of 1961. 
Class of 1961 Email Directory

Class of 1962. 
Arnold, Alan   62
  Alan Arnold-- class of 62. Shirley Billups and I have been married since March 1964. After a 4 year stint in the U.S. Marines, I went to The University of Tulsa and graduated in 1975. I currently have an insurance agency here in Tulsa. We have two children and 5 grandchildren. We look forward to hearing from any or all of you. . (Checked in April 11, 2005)
Billingslea, Phil   62
  Phil Billingslea Class of 1962 Email is: Glad to see this web site getting started. I'm Also the president of the Turley-Cherokee Reunion Committee. Were planing another reunion for 2008. The site has not been selected yet. Later Phil (Checked in July 21, 2004)
Hi Ron Glad to have seen you at the last Cherokee School Reunion. Please add me to the McLain Sr. High Class of 1962 Reunion My email has changed. It is I also have the website at: http"// I have been married a very long time to my wife Janet, a Central High School Graduate, and we have 2 boys and one girl. Have so many grandchildren that I have trouble keeping up with them all. We live now in Broken Arrow, OK You take Good care Phil Billingslea (updated October 19, 2008)
Billups, Shirley (Arnold)   62
  Shirley Billups-Arnold - class of 62 Please add me to your alumni list. Have been married to Alan Arnold for 41 years. Have two children and five grandchildren. We have an insurance agency here in Tulsa. (Checked in April 11, 2005)
Cagle, Clarence K.   62  

Hi Ron. Clarence K. Cagle here. After college and 20 yrs in the USAF, I returned to Tulsa with wife Beverly, of Duluth, MN. Son Philip is 30 and lives in Denver area. He is making us grandparents in November 2004. An OU grad and alumni member, currently am working in Tulsa as Business Manager of a small funeral home. Can be reached via phone book 496 9339 or cell phone 808 5276. Thanks for including me! (Checked in November 11, 2004)
Update for my input: Son Philip is 32 and lives in Denver with wife Jennifer and son Seth, born November 13, 2004. I now work in life insurance sales and wife Beverly owns the Hairloom Salon and Day Spa. Thanks for the opportunity to put items on the web page.! Clarence Cagle (Updated April 5, 2005)
Robertson, Ronnie   62
  Clarence Cagle informed me that Ronnie Robertson, class of '62 , passed away about 3 weeks ago. I know most of us knew Ronnie. Penny Boyd-Boren, Class of 61 (Update on April 3, 2005)

Class of 1963. 
Ballew, Pat (Tricia Jubera)  63
  I actually graduated in 1963. I believe that when the school opened, there wasn’t a senior class. I would have to look at the year books. I have Donnie’s which was the first year it opened. How was Cherokee holding up? Pat in Dallas, TX. (Checked in April 22, 2004)
Boethin, Barry   63
  Hi Pat! Please add me to the list: Thanks, Barry Boethin, Class of 1963 (Checked in May 13, 2004)
Williams, Larry   63
  Hi Ron, Thanks for the site. I graduated in 63 with Pat. We used to live around the corner from your family in Turley. Larry Williams (Checked in May 8, 2005)

Class of 1965. 
Thompson, Donita   65
  Dear Ron, My name is Donita Thompson, class of '65. Thanks for letting us use your website to get in touch with each other. I missed the 35 year reunion so I'm really looking forward to the 40th. Please add my email address to the list. Thanks again, hope to see you at the reunion. Go Scots! Donita (Checked in May 10, 2004)
Whalen, Tim   65
  Hello Penny, Please add our names to the list: Tim Whalen, Class of 65. ; Linda (Queen) Whalen, Class of 68. ; Many Thanks, Tim Whalen (Checked in May 9, 2004)

Class of 1966. 
Bradford, Sherry   66
  Hi Ron, My name is Sherry Bradford, McLain High Class of 66. My e-mail is (Checked in May 3, 2005)
Richardson, Betty   66
  Class of 1966. My name is Betty Mitchem. My maiden name at the time of graduation was Betty Richardson. I would like very much to know when our 40th reunion is and all the info that goes with it. Exciting. Thanks, Betty Mitchem, Medical Education Admin., Via Christi Riveside Med. Cntr., 2622 W. Central, Wichita, KS. 67203, phone: 316 946 8551, fax: 316 946 5014 . (Checked in June 3, 2005)

Class of 1968. 
Carnelison, Larry W.   68
  Hello Ron! My name is Larry W. Cornelison, from Class of '68! (Mike Turpen, Roy Smith, Terry Rutledge, Tommy Graddy, etc),. I lived at Turley Children's Home, and so glad we got to go to public schools. Although Gilcrease Junior High was 3 blocks away, we had to go 5 miles to Monroe. I LOVED my years at McLain--Tulsa was the Greatest in that time period! (Checked in May 25, 2008)
Gardner, George   68
  (Checked in May 11, 2004)
Queen-Whalen, Linda   68
  Hello Penny, Please add our names to the list: Tim Whalen, Class of 65. ; Linda (Queen) Whalen, Class of 68. ; Many Thanks, Tim Whalen (Checked in May 9, 2004)

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