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REUNION, May 22-24, 2009. Hey Ron! Members of the first 4 classes at McLain are going to have a combined reunion on the Memorial Day Weekend, May 22,23, and 24, 2009. This will honor McLain's 50th anniversary, since the school opened in 1959. We are going to register the reunion on Put a circle around that weekend and plan on joining us for the biggest reunion MHS has ever had!
Clarence Cagle, MHS 62 ;
Marilee Cly, MHS 61 , ;
Pat Cagle Tiffin, MHS 63 ; and
Marsha Parks Chisum, MHS 64 , are points of contact for the respective classes. Submitted by Clarance Cagle, email address: (Updated September 24, 2008).

May 9, 2004 Vinet, Betty   61   I keep up with the class of '61 through Penny. We were best friends in school and it is so wonderful talking to her now. I have been married to Vic for 39 years now. Vic is a Maintenance Manager for Kraft foods and I have retired.

We have three children. Our son Michael was in the U. S. Marine Corp. and was killed in a helicopter crash March 17, 1989 while doing Team Spirit exercises in South Korea. Our two daughters have given us five great grandsons. Marie is an attorney in Milwaukee, Wi. and Rebecca has been doing accounting with the same company for ten years and enjoys her work.

We will be retiring to Louisiana in a few years. We hope to be able to come see Penny and visit with a lot of you. - Betty Vinet (Checked in on May 9, 2004)

May 8, 2004 Ford, Leonard (Lucky)   61   Not sure you will remember me---my name is Leonard (Lucky) Ford-----long time no see--hope all is well with you and yours----I am living in Vinita, Ok. Would love to hear from anyone from our school days. Write when you can. Leonard (Lucky) Ford,, 122 MockingBird Ln, Vinita, OK, 918-256-6206

May 8, 2004 Hall, Jerry  61
  Hi, If I can help on the site you can call me at 918-645-3928. I set the original one up, and maybe you can use the names and e-mail to get started. I put all the 1961 since we were first at the top, then under I think they were in abc order by name. Have you been to the site. It looks like the picture. Thanks Jerry   (Checked in on May 8, 2004)

April 20, 2004 Haas-Davenport, Linda  61
Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 5:51 AM
Subject: E-mail on McLain page
Morning Ron - ... my e-mail address ... should be
thanks a million.

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