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1966 Winnebago LifeTime Premier Motorhome, Serial Number 230, sold for $300 on 1/5/06.

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I found this 1966 19ft Ford powered Winnebago on Craig list in Portland Oregon. It is Sn #230 he says it runs good it has an automatic and full glass on the sides and back. Well I went and looked at it. The owner had it running when I drove up. So I guess it runs at least 10 minutes while I looked around. It did move forward and back and the brakes did hold it from rolling. You can see pictures in Wilburs album at http://groups.msn.com/ClassicWinnebagoMotorhomes/lesampsophies73indian.msnw?Page=3. No wheel covers, no fender skirts and the wheels were one piece rusty 16.5". OK guys I have agreed to buy Winne 230. The plan is to pick it up/get it towed with AAA Tuesday or Wednesday. He said he was glad I called him back and did not want to take anymore calls about it. $300.00 and it's mine. Way to Go Les!!!!! I couldn't help noticing that although the roof will have to be replaced, a procedure outlined here many times, and you'll have to redo most of the interior, the ol' girls in very good condition overall. You seem to have a near perfect dash, the body, though filthy, is still pretty straight. A really good scrubbing will make her look much better. And most importantly, it runs!! That fact alone makes it worth the $300.


Updated January 14, 2006 by Ron Ballew