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Reunion contact for the Class of 1959 is Karen Lee Anderson Hughes: E-mail: karenahughes@cox.net , Cell: 918-636-8150, Home: 918-627-4086, Address: 3618 South Braden Place, Tulsa, OK 74135-5508.

CHS CLASS OF 1959 50th Reunion - June 5-7, 2009 - REUNION NEWS

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Abbe, Arthur B.
Accola, Ferol
Adams, Judith Ann "Judi"
Addington, Gene W. "Jim"
Adolph, Onie
Ahlke, Annalee
Alexander, Jerry Wayne
Alexander, Linda Sue
Alexander, Robert
Alexander, Thomas "Tom"
Allen, Evelyn Ferrell not in 59YB, HC59 or 58YB
Allen, Judy Marie
Allen, Sharon Gail
Allison, Linda
Allsopp, Mary Fredericka "Fritzi"
Almendares, Mary
Anderson, Alsthye Joan
Anderson, Gregory Allison
Anderson, John Earl
Anderson, Karen Lee (Hughes)
, Tulsa, OK. On Classmates.com, Gradfinder.com, HighSchoolAlumni.com, PlanetAlunmi.com, Alumni.net
Andrews, Clara Belle
Arndt, Jimmie
Arndt, Tom
Ash, Jacquelyn Dee "Jackie"
Ashworth, Frances Louise
Aston, Roger L.
Atkins, Carl Dean
Atkins, Jack C
Auernig, Frank Michael
Avery, Benny R.
Ayers, Betty Ann

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Bailey, Patrick E. "Pat"
Bailey, Thomas Albert "Tom"
Baker, Barbara Ann
Baker, Bill
Baldridge, David Eugene
Ball, Barbara Kay
Ball, Janice Kay
Ball, Jerry not in 59YB, HC59 or 58YB
Ballew, Ronald Willis "Ron" ,
Homepage: http://ballew.org, 303 NE 26th St, Lawton, OK 73507, 580-248-9801. You can get all the latest scoop on me and my family on my web site. I have 2 boys and 1 girl graduated from college and I am still married to my first wife. We live the life of Ozzie and Harriett. (Updated January 8, 2005)
, Classmates.com, Gradfinder.com, HighSchoolAlumni.com, PlanetAlunmi.com, Alumni.net
Barclay, Phyllis Kay
Barley, Karen
Barnes, Marianne
Barnes, Sharon Joan
Barnett, Richard Charles Jr.
I think this is the Richard Barnett that was in our Tulsa Central Class of 1959, but it is not the Richard Barnett that married Judy Stiles in the 1959 class. The Richard Barnett that married Judy Stiles was a class ahead of us at Central (Class of 1958). He contacted me in January, 2005, from this email address: richardbarnett@valornet.com . He is retired and resides in Tulsa.
Barnsbee, Thomas D "Tom"
Barnum, Donald Meyer "Don"
Barrackman, Charles W "Bill"
Bartlett, Michael E. "Mike"
Baxter, Betty Ann
Beach, Donald L
Bear, Mary Evelyn
Beal, Larry Dean
Biar, Mary
Beard, Beverly Joyce
Beer, Bettina Lou, Classmates.com
Beevers, Mary Sue
Beevers, Melba Jean
Begley, Ronda Gay
Bell, Jerry D.
Bellamy, Martha
Benedict, Marilyn Josephine
Benight, Elizabeth Ellen, Classmates.com
Bennett, Donald Carl
Bentley, Mary Ann
Bergdorf, Margaret
Bernett, Floyd Allen
Berry, Karla D'Ann
Birge, Mildred Ruth
Bishop, Dan
Bishop, Elizabeth Ann "Betty"
Bishop, M. Edward "Eddy"
Black, Marilyn
Blackwell, Charles E. not in 59YB, in HC59 & 58YB
Blair, John Walter
Blair, Shirley (McDaniel)
, Oak Harbor, WA, Classmates.com
Blanck, Jay Ernest
Bland, Donna (Brenner)
, Homepage: http://www.lonestarcollection.com, Dallas, TX, Classmates.com, HighSchoolAlumni.com
Blankenship, Fonda
Bledsoe, Ann
Bliss, Nancy Louise 3:57 3:57
Board, Sharon Aileen
Boardman, Jacqueline Sue "Jackie"
Boatright, Joe C.
Bogart, Kris not in 59YB or HC59 in 58YB
Bohan, William James "Bill"
Bohlander, Verva
Boldt, Jo Ann, Classmates.com
Borden, Barney Michael "Mike", Classmates.com
Bothell, James Edward "Jim"
Boudreaux, Francis A
Boughner, Sally Joan

Bounds, Arthur William "Bill". Update from Corella Bounds Ricketson, Corellar@comcast.net Hello, I am Corella Bounds Ricketson, Class of 1957. I am writing this e-mail to update your class list for 1959. Arthur William Bounds (Bill) Class of 1959 died July 2005. My updated information is Corella Bounds Ricketson. Email is Corellar@comcast.net . I live in Richmond, Virginia. Thanks for the work you do keeping all this information together. (Checked in on October 18, 2005)

Bowne, Jean Charlotte, Classmates.com
Boyer, Annelle
Boyls, Patrick Edwin "Pat", Classmates.com
Bozarth, Gordon Dale, HighSchoolAlumni.com
Bradford, Mary Lee
Bradley, Clare Deane "Carolyn" (Cosper) , Classmates.com
Bradley, Patsy Ruth
Bradley, Roy Lee
Bradshaw, Tommy Gene
Brady, William Edward "Bill"
Brandon, Charlotte Ann
Brandon, John III
Brandon, Merrily
Brandon, John
Branham, Jim M.
Brashear, Donald V.
Brasher, Shirley Ann
Brashers, Everett Douglas
Bray, Jerry
Brazeal, Derrill Leon
Bredouw, Susie
Brewer, Weldon James
Briggs, Nanci Elaine
Bright, Jean Ann
Brinlee, Larry Harold or Howard
Brinnon, Jean Alice
Brix, Lorena Jean
Brooks, Chesley
Brown, Carter
Brown, Raymond Doug. Married Margie Harvey in this class.
Brown, Cynthia Curtis
Brown, Larry
Bruno, Bob Lee, Classmates.com
Bryant, Audrey Louise
Burch, Sara Jayne
Burnett, Elvin A.
Burnett, Gwen not in 59YB, HC59 or 58YB
Burns, Sandra Dee
Burris, Earnest James "Ed"
Burruss, Marguerite Ethyl "Margie"
Burton, Howard Jr.
Butler, Jan Hall
Buttler, Tommy Ray
Byers, John Cooper
Byington, Benny, Classmates.com

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Cadwell, Annabeth
Caffey, Cynthia
Caldwell, Mark
Caldwell, William A "Bill"
Calhoun, Doris Jean
Calhoun, Richard, Classmates.com
Calvert, Errol Dee
Campbell, Gail
Campbell, Mary Ethyl
Campbell, Richard Lee "Dick"
Carlile, Johnny Wayne
Carlile, Richard Troy
Carns, Glenda Mae
Carrens, Donald Earl "Don"
Carroll, Nelson
Dear Ron Please change my e-mail address to ncarroll@ortrackm.missouri.org Thanks Nelson Carroll (Checked in October 3, 2003).
Causby, Catherine A "Cathy"
Cavely, Patricia Ann
Carvantez, Johnny Lee
Chandler, Judith Ann "Judy"
Chaffee, Pamela Jeane "Pam"
Chapel, Charles S. not in 59YB, IN HC59 & 58YB, Classmates.com
Chew, Barbara Elaine
Chewning, Phyllis Ann
Childs, Linda Jean
Chockley, Raymond L.
Clark, Linda L. (Senior in 1958)
Clem, Jerry Leon
Clem, Walter L. Jr. "Larry"
Cloer, Christney Dean
Clugston, Jerry Wayne
Cochran, Carol Lynn, Classmates.com
Cochran, Raymond E
Coco, Dan
Codrey, David Lee
Cole, Bonnie Willine

Collins, George Jefferson "Jeff" . Please change my email address to: be69461@earthlink.net . Thanks, George "Jeff" Collins, PO Box 3443, Tucson, Arizona 85722. Updated on March 28, 2005. (Classmates.com)

Connel, Dennis Lloyd
Connor, James Vincent "Jim"
Cook, Barbara Jo "Cookie"
Cook, David Lee, Classmates.com
Cookson, Tommy Duane "Tom"
Coon, Carolyn Sue
Coon, Curtis Lee
Copeland, Allen
Cothran, Jack Ray "Jackie"
Courtney, Audrey Ann
Cowen, Barbara, Classmates.com
Cox, Barbara
Cox, Pamilla
Cox, Patsy Irene
Cox, Susan
Cox, Virgil
Craig, Donna (Watson)
Crain, Flora Jane
Crawford, Freddie Earl
Crawford, Juanita Mae
Crawford, Lynda Joyce
Crawford, Freddie
Creider, Beverly June
Crider, Mary Jim
Crites, William Dean
Crismon, Margeory
Croskery, Carol Lou
Crowe, Bequetta Jean
Crowley, Mike Edward
Croy, Kenneth Gary
Cruz, Mary Zoila
Cunningham, John Ed
Cunningham, Judith Ann "Judy"
Curry, Joe Edward
Curry, Virgil David Jr.
Curtis, Sue

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Dacus, James Leon
Dake, Patricia Ann "Pat"
Darling, Frances
Darden, Darell Gene
Darnell, Denton "Denny"
Davenport, Christine "Chris"
Davenport, Roberta Sue
Davidson, Eddie Dow
Davidson, Margaret Sue
Davis, Jack Duane
Davis, Linda
Davis, Luther not in 59YB, HC59 or 58YB
Davis, Peggy Lee
Davis, Pete
Davis, Ray Dean ,
Classmates.com. Ray Davis class of 59 needs an e-mail change: PrairiePlace@aol.com . Thanks. Looking for the book that lists all the graduating classes and present locations when known. About $100 I think. Is this thru the alumi association or where can we order. (Checked in October 3, 2002)
Day, Barry
Deatherage, Evelyn Faye
DeYarmett, Deanna
Dearrington, Bob Lester
, or Lonelyboy6@Juno.com, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Classmates.com, Gradfinder.com
Demorest, Richard
Denham, Marilyn Sue
Dickson, Donald "Don"
Diffendaffer, Leda C.
Dissly, John Walter
Dobbins, Joyce Deann
Dobbs, Bernadean
Dobson,Martha Gladys
Dornaus, Elizabeth Ann, Classmates.com
Dorton, Mary
Dudley, Martha Ruth
Duffell, Judith
Dunn, Barbara
Dunn, Frederick Louis "Ricky"
Dyer, Alice Kathleen "Kathy"
Dyer, Corinne

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Earlougher, Robert Charles Jr. "Bob"
Earnhardt, Betty Joyce
Eash, James
Eaton, Frances Kennedy (Fran)
Eckel, Mary
Ecker, Joyce Carlene
Edmonds, Laberta "Bert"
Edwards, Donald Ray
Ehrle, Penny
Elam, Gary Wayne
Elder, John William Jr.
Eldridge, Nancy Carol
Ellis, Frank A.
Elliston, Judy Claire
Emmons, Bonnie Please list my wifes name in the Tulsa Central Class of 1959. She was the former Bonnie Emmons. Her e-mail is blm0941@ yahoo.com. She has been looking for the former Francis Darling. - Dan Mustard (Updated October 4, 2006)
Endicott, Charles Edward
Eppard, Carol Ann
Estrain, Patsy (Mallett)
Evans, Clara Mae (Cook)
Evans, Lillian Jane
Evans, Lynda Marie

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Fairlie, Royce Nelson
Fanning, Charles W.
Farish, William Whitaker "Whit"
Farmer, Jeanne
Farris, Claude Bradley
Fearon, Anne
Fehrle, Phillip David "Phil"
Fellers, Robert Maynard "Bob"
Ferrall, Evelyn Jo
Fields, Jerry Maurine
Finch, Douglas Merwin
Finnsgard, Christer "Chris"
Fisher, Leta Jaculyn
Fister, Jodi Ann
Fitzgerald, Gerald Frank
Flaherty, Georgia, Classmates.com
Fleming, James David
Fletcher, Donna Jean
Ford, Norma
Foreman, Richard Sellers
Fortney, Frank L
Foster, John "Johnnie"
Foster, Juanita Lorene "Nita"
Foster, Sharon Gael
Foust, Shirley
Fout, Audrey Mildred
Fowler, Paul Alpha
Fox, John Lee, Classmates.com
Frampton, Frances
France, Tommy R.
Francis, Jo Ann
Franklin, Wanda Jean
Franks, Glenda Jolene
Frasier, Indiola
Frazier, Jean Ann
Frasier, Viola
Freeman, Freeda
Freeman, Nancy Jean
Freeman, Theodore "Ted"
Fritz, Shirley Ann
Fryer, Jerry Wayne
Fugit, Mona Kay

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Gabriel, Gary
Gage, Paul James, HighSchoolAlumni.com
Gallup, Richard John "Dick"
Garcia, Judie
Garner, Donna June (Fox)
Garrett, Nancy (Liz)
Gass, Judy, Classmates.com
Gates, James Richmond
Gelino, John Michael
Geyer, Stephen Noel "Steve"
Gibbons, Jerry Lee, Classmates.com
Gibbs, Stuart Wayne
Gibney, Jimmy, Classmates.com
Gibson, Arthur Jarrell "Jerry"
Gielow, Judy
Gifford, Fred Milton
Girdner, Kahleetah
Gist, Susan (Harder)
Goad, Kenneth Lee
Goldberg, Marlene Ellen "Midge"
Goodner, Gary
Gore, Sandra, Classmates.com
Gorman, Mary Kathryn
Gosnell, Phyllis Jean
Gougler, Ronald Leroy "Ronnie"
Gray, Margie Joyce
Gray, Marylyn Theodocia (Rowell)
, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Married Larry Rowell in this class.
Green, Edna Ruth
Green, Rita Lee
Greer, Evelyn Ruth (Ott)
, High School was work. I was in DE (Distributed Education). July 21, 2000. HighSchoolAlumni.com, Classmates.com
Greer, Juanita (Whittlecar)
, in Nebraska, Alumni.net
Gregory, Barbara Jean
Griffith, Barbara Jean
Griffith, Diane Louise, Classmates.com
Grimes, Danna Sue
Groff, Gary
Gulley, James Carl Jr.
Gulley, Phillip S.

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Hager, Edward Jr. "Ned"
Hall, Eldie Earline
Hall, Odis Francis Jr.
Hall, Virginia Ann
Halladay, John Eric
Hamblin, LaVersa
Hamby, Martha Joy
Hamilton, Gary Wayne
Hamilton, Wanda Lou
Hamm, Charles Thomas
Hammond, Malcom Pearce "Bundy"
Hancock, George Roy
Hannah, Barbara Ann
Harbison, Mike
Harbison, William T
Harder, Rosemary
Harder, Susan
, Classmates.com
Hardesty, Loyd Melvin
Hardgrave, Carolyn
Harjo, Rosanna Mae
Harl, George Robert
Harmon, Patricia Mae "Pat"
Harnden, Donald DeWitt
Harney, Ruth Ann
Harper, Joy Lee (McCray)
Harper, Peggy Aileen
Harris, Judith Marie "Judy"
Harris, Karolyn Doris
Harris, Neil Merton
Hart, Thomas Allen
, Classmates.com
Harvey, Margie Maddox (Brown)
, Married Raymond Brown in this class. Tulsa, OK
Harvey, Patricia Ann
Harwell, Jerry
Hathaway, Walter
, Classmates.com
Hayes, Ronald "Ronnie"
Haynes, James Wilson "Jim"
, Classmates.com
Hazen, Linda
not in 59YB, or HC59 IN 58YB
Head, Robert
Hefley, Leon
Heldmar, William D. "Bill"
Helton, James Wesley
Hempel, Nancy
Henderson, Sherry Gail
Hendren, Linda Sue
Hendricks, Jim
Henke, Tony
Herring, Ruby Jo
Herron, Bobbie Jane
Hester, Tom
Hickenbottom, Lewis B.
Hickman, Lawrence Leon III
Higgins, Clarence Lee Jr. "Junior"
Hill, Frank Davis
Hill, Frankie Marie
Hill, James Roger
Hill, Lucie Diana
Hill, Sandra Kay
Hinds, James Edward "Jimmy"
Hisaw, Paul Leon
Hix, Leon
Hodgdon, Dean
Hodges, Paul Jay
Holt, Billie June
Holt, Thomas Parkinson Jr. "Tommy"
Holtz, Joan Margaret
Hood, Coweta Sue
Hood, Dale
(Changed last name to Blue)
Hoover, Mary Jo
Horn, Evelyn Barbara
Horne, Ocella Joyce (Weigant) , Tulsa, OK, Classmates.com
Horton, James David
Horton, Karen
Hotz, Carlene
Houser, Jerry Leon
Houser, Joe W
Houston, Judy Ann
Hovis, Harold Wayne
Howard, Jay Donald
Howard, Janie (Sr 58 ?)
Howard, Myrna Sue
, Claremore, OK
Howard, Tommee Jo (Fowler)
Howerton, Joni (Barrow)
, Classmates.com
Hoyer, Michael Glenn
, Classmates.com
Hughes, Clyde
Hughes, John Ray
Hulua, Emma Ruth
Hunter, Harley C.
Hurlbutt, Chelley
, Classmates.com
Hurt, Jane Eleanor
Hutchins, Betty Lee
Hutchinson, Gloria Mae
, Classmates.com

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Irwin, Donald Charles
Ivey, Clyde


Jackson, Jacqueline K. "Jackie"
Jackson, John Dudley
Jackson, Sharon Lavine (Younger)
, 9916 E. 7th St., Tulsa, Oklahoma. I married Don Younger in 1960 and am still married-40 years now. Don was in our class at Central. He went into the Army and is now retired. We have three grown children and 5 grandchildren. I'd especially like to hear anything about Bonnie Rose, Evelyn Greer, Judith Duffell, Pearl Townsley, or Ruth Manielley(sp?). How about Dewayne Lane? Anything in your database? I'm an independent contractor, working out of my home for an investment banker in New York. I'd sure love to hear from some of the old classmates. 9916 E. 7th St., Tulsa, OK 74128. (Checked in on November 29, 2000)., Classmates.com
James, Clark
James, Joy Deeann
Jarrard, Deanna June
Jenks, Norma Noe
Jessee, Carolyn Sue
Johnson, James Westley
Johnson, Janice
Johnson, Linda
Johnson, Richard Harold
Johnson, William H. "Bill"
Johnston, James U. L. Jr. "Jimmy"
Jones, Gary
, Classmates.com
Jones, Jimmie Dale
Jones, Linda
Jones, Nila Jene
Jones, Shirley Jane
, Classmates.com

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Kallenberger, Pat (Singleton)
, Please add my email address: singletonpk@charter.net Thanks, Pat Kallenberger Singleton, 3829 Brookhaven Circle, Fort Worth, Texas 76109-3333, (817) 921-4801, (817) 832-3148 (Checked in July 4, 2006)

Kearns, Alice Melvina
Keas, Terry Lee, Classmates.com
Keiffer, Judith Ann
Keith, James Goodner, Classmates.com
Kelley, Howard W.
Kelley, Phyllis Darlene
Kendall, Willmore Hugh "Bill"
Kennedy, Sam
Kilgore, Kenneth W.
King, Donna Shea
King, Roger Allen
Kleinpeter, Margaret "Peggy"
Korne, Ronald Paul "Ronnie"
Kyle, Daniel M., Classmates.com

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Laeger, David Charles
, You may not know me, but I was one of those hundreds graduating from Tulsa Central High school, 1959. I don't remember many of the fellow students, but some of the names on your list click with reflections. I enjoyed reading your personal history. What a privilege to also know that Jim Woolsey was in that class. Of course, I knew neither of you personally. Would it be possible to secure addresses (e-mail or otherwise) of some of the classmates I remember? Those I recall are as follows: Jim Linduff, Raymond Chocley (?), Dennis Little, Joyce Beard (married name unknown to me), Jean Charlotte Bowne, Kenneth Goad. Surely there are others, but I would need to peruse the list again. THANKS FOR YOUR WORK ON THE '59 ers. YOU SEEM A VERY BUSY MAN. I AM RETIRED, HAVE PARKINSON'S DISEASE (MILD STAGE AT PRESENT). HAVE A WIFE AND FOUR GROWN CHILDREN, LIVE IN THE SMOKEY MOUNTAINS OF NORTH CAROLINA, ETC. I sent some additional information to you already through your website. Please accept my thanks for whatever response you give. Blessings, David Laeger (Updated August 15, 2006)


LaMarr, Reba
LaMarr, Sandra "Sandy"
Landreth, James Edward "Jim"
Lane, Dwayne Emery
Lang, Lewis William
Langley, Tommie
Larkin, Barbara Ann (Little), HighSchoolAlumni.com, Classmates.com
Latham, Sue Nelle
Lavender, R. S.
Leach, June Ella
Leeds, James
Lehr, Sherry Margaret, Classmates.com
Leitch, Kathleen Helen
Lewallen, James Charles Jr.
Lewallen, Johnnie
Lewis, Nancy Lee
Lewis, Wayne Edward
Lifton, Suzann Anita (name changed to GYPSY BROWN)
Liggett, Peggy Ann
Lile, Barbara Anne
Lind, Gayland Robert, Classmates.com
Lindermanis, Daeila
Lindsey, Carroll Ann
Linduff, Jimmy
Linson, Marvin Clifford
Lipshy, Jay S
Little, Dennis Garland
Little, Ross, Classmates.com
Locut, James LeRoy, Classmates.com
Lombard, Larry
Long, Ellen Annette
Long, Jim
Loving, Eva Jo
Low, Barbara Jean
Lowder, Sherian
Lowe, Harold Morris
Lucas, Zola "Cornelia"
Ludewick, Harold Clayton
Lusk, Edward D. Jr. "Eddie"
Lusk, Vernon Lee
Lynch, Carol

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MacKenzie, Anne
Maddon, Margaret Lucille (MacDonald) Looking for Janice Sommers, 1959. (Classmates)
Madden, Patricia Jean "Patsy"
Maddux, Nancy Ann, Classmates.com
Mader, Rita Rose
Madrin, Leonard B. III "Len"
Maebius, Jed B. Jr. not in 59YB 58YB or HC59
Mahoney, Colleen Jane (Fant)
, or jfant@dixie-net.com , P.O. Box 722, Holly Springs, MS 38635, Gradfinder.com, Classmates.com
Mallett, Patsy
Mangum, Nancy
Manning, Virginia Dianne
Maples, Jack
Marcum, Michael James
Mark, Mary Anne
Marsh, Michael T, Classmates.com
Martin, Malinda Ann
Martin, Mary Eva
Martin, Michael Wayne "Mickey"
Martz, Joseph Leroy "Joe", Classmates.com
Massey, David Joe
Mathers, Linda Mae
Matlock, Ramona Sue
Mattox, Jack Dennis
Mayor, Jimmy R.
McBride, Daryl Eugene
McCracken, Mary Ann
McCollough, Elbert E. not in 59YB, IN HC59 & 58YB
McCreary, Richard
McDaniel, Carolyn
McDaniel, Dee Anne
McDaniel, Dee Arlene
McDaniel, Ronald Lee
McGuire, Robert Allen
McLaren, Danny Lee
McLuckie, Sharlene Joy
McNabb, Glen Robert
McNutt, Barbara Louise (Merry)
, Dallas, TX, Classmates.com
McPeters, Jim
Meadows, Edward Scott
Meadows, Joyce Bruce, Classmates.com
Medlin, Arvle Edgar
Medlin, Earline
Medlin, Stan
Meehan, James B.
Meissner, Charles
Mendenhall, Glenda Marie
Mendoza, Gloria
Meyer, Paul Carroll
Mickle, Fred Larry
Miers, Shepherd Forrest Jr. "Mike"

Miller, James D (Jim) Hi Ron, I would like to update you on my contact information. Res: 4175 Applewood Court, Grand Junction, CO 81506. Work 970-245-4678, Res 970-260-9480, jdm@bresnan.net , Please add me to your list. Thank you. (Checked in May 16, 2006)

Miller, James Willard Jr. "Jim"
Miller, Patricia Jean

Miller, Ronnie T My name is Ron Miller, class of 1959. My e-mail is - rmiller@mpitulsa.com . Please add me to your list for information about our 50th reunion. I got your e-mail from Odis Hall. Thanks.

Milligan, Gerald H. II "Jerry"
Miner, William Thay III "Billie"
Minielly, Mary Ruth (Hall) , Classmates.com
Moffitt, Naomi Ruth
Montague, Judy
Mooberry, Joe Ben
Moon, Iris Louise
Moreton, Donald Jess "Don"
Morgan, Barbara Jo
Morgan, Don
Morgan, Gary Eugene
Morrison, James Eugene "Jim", Classmates.com
Morton, Judith Ann "Judy"
Mulford, Elizabeth Pitkin
Mulkey, Jerry Wayne, Classmates.com
Mullins, Moss M
Murdock, John
Murphy, Jay
, Add Me To The 1959 Class List. I know this may be wrong but I am looking for my biological parents...I was born 04-18-63 in Tulsa.....could you pass this along? - Jay Murphy (Checked in on February 18, 2002).
Murray, Patricia Ann "Pat"

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Nail, Everett Leon
Neal, Patricia Ann
Neal, Thelma Mae
Neely, Janice
Neighbors, Johnny
Nelson, Gerald L. "Jerry"
Newmark, Susan Mildred
Nichols, Nancy Sue
Nicholson, Carole Kay
Nix, Linda Carol
Nixon, James "Jim"
Noftsger, Joe John
Norman, David Eugene
Northcott, Joe
Nutter, Nancy Evelyn

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Oakes, Phillip E. "Phil"
Offutt, Sammy
Ogan, Dennis, Classmates.com
O'Neal, Bob
O'Neal, Patricia Elizabeth "Pat"
Orf, Nancy Ann
Osberg, Richard Warren, Classmates.com
Osborne, Robert Earl not in 58, 59YB or HC59
O'Steen, Bobby Doyle
Osten, Sandy
Outhier, Sandra
Overman, William Eugene
Owen, Sherry
Oxley, Patsy Jean

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Page, Susan
Pahdopony, Patti Leigh
Palik, James Nelson "Jim", On Gradfinder.com: New York, HighSchoolAlumni.com
Palmer, Michael Allen "Mike"
Pannell, Jerry Michael
Parker, Liberty W. Jr.
Parkinson, Thomas Lynn "Tom"
Parson, William Leroy "Roy"
Parsons, Sharon Elaine
Paru, Marden David "Morsly" , Nyack, New York.
Patterson, Thomas P "Tom"
Payne, Frances D
Payton, Catherine Elizabeth
Pearson, Frances Carol
Pearson, Gerome Dean
Pearson, Mary Alice
Peil, Fred Loran
Penix, Garry Lee , Centreville, VA
Penrose, Charles Arthur
Perez, Patty
Perona, John Lee
Perry, Roger Wayne
Peters, Paula, Classmates.com
Petrie, Patricia "Pat"
Phillips, Carol Ann
Pickard, Pearl Grace
Pierce, Lana Dee not in 58, 59YB or HC59
Poe, Jerry D.
Pontious, Barbara Jane, Classmates.com
Pope, Martha Jane, Classmates.com
Poplinger, Charles Allen, Classmates.com
Porter, Darryl Grady
Pottorf, Jean Karen
Potts, Luther Ervin
Potts, Ronald L. "Ronnie"
Powers, Jo Beth (Pickering)
Powers, Nick
Powers, William Fleming "Bo"
Prall, Mary Ann
Price, Arthur George
Price, Helen Ruth
Price, Vallie Myrtle
Prideaux, Adrian Maurice "Skip"
Puett, Joyce Lea "Joy"
Purser, Jackson Lynn
Pyle, Robert Bruce

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Rader, Winston
Rahal, Faith
Raines, Sharon (Bartlett)
Ramsey, Bill
Randeau, Barbara
Randell, Donna Sue
Randolph, James Mike
Ranson, Wayne Alan
Rash, Richard, Classmates.com
Raulston, Donald Ray
Ray, Clifford Wayne "C.W."
Ray, Eddye Robert
Reader, Sandra Kay, Classmates.com
Redford, Gene Lee
Reed, Amanda Helen
Reed, Christene Elizabeth
Reed, Fred Jr.
Reed, Glenn Edwin
Reed, Jere Ann
Reed, Mandy
Reed, Ronald Eugene "Gene"
Reeder, Charles Leroy
Reese, Geauwana Don
Reibert, Richard K.
Reynolds, Danna
Reynolds, Jimmy
Reynolds, Linda Lee
Rhodes, Carolyn
Rice, Delmas Clifton Jr.
Richardson, Lloyd Wayne
Riddle, Kenton E.
Ridley, Nancy Louann
Riggins, Carolyn Sue
Riggs Joyce Carol, Classmates.com
Riggs, Terry, Classmates.com
Rine, Paul M.
Ritchie, Alan Kent
Roberts, Carolyn
Roberts, Donna Sue (Call)
Ron: A couple of updates for the class list. Robert, Donna Sue. Married name Call. Deceased 7/7/03. Thanks for maintaining the Class of '59 website. Robert Call, bobcall@sbcglobal.net , Will Rogers '59 (Updated August 25, 2003)
Roberts, Jerry E, Classmates.com
Roberts, Madelon
Robertson, Charles L, Classmates.com
Robertson, Dick
Robertson, James R.
Robins, Lahoma
Robinson, Susan
Rockett, Carol
Rodgers, Richard Albert
Rogers, Georgann, Classmates.com

Rose, Bonnie (Hunter), HighSchoolAlumni.com, Classmates.com . Rose, Vonda (Elmore)   I LOVE this site! How cool! Thanks for doing this. Vonda (Rose) Elmore... Class of 1962 Please add: Bonnie Louise (Rose) Hunter...Class of 1959, 263 Agate Way, Broomfield, Co.; Leslie Gay (Rose) Whittington - Class of 1964, 652 McCaleb Rd., Montgomery, Tx.; and Janice Rae (Smith) Bradshaw - Class of 1962, 601 S. Front St., Catoosa, Ok. (Checked in on October 22, 2005)

Rosenbum, Sandy (Wilcox)
Rosicka, Kenney
Ross, Carolyn Marie, Classmates.com
Ross, Charlene
Rough, Helen, Classmates.com
Roughley, Faye B., Classmates.com
Rowell, Larry James
, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Married Marylyn Gray in this class.
Rowland, Helen Ann
, On Gradfinder.com: California, Classmates.com (Checked in on April 27, 2004)
Rowland, Shirley Lois
Rozsa, Roxana
Ruckett, Carol
not in 59YB 58YB or HC59
Rusher, F. Aaron
Russell, Barbara
Russell, Thomas Earl "Tom"
Rutherford, Eldon Wade
Ryan, Thomas Anthoney "Tom"
Ryles, Ollie Mae

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Sale, Terrance E.
Sallee, Clara
Saunders, James Will, Classmates.com
Sawyers, Shirley Ann
Scarritt, William Kenny
Schmidt, David Earl
Schoonover, Mary C.
Schreck, Phillip "Phil"
Schroeder, Carol Sue
Scifres, Velma
Scott, Patricia "Patty", Classmates.com
Scott, Peter K. "Pete"
Scott, Randolph
Scott, Tom H.
Seaba, George Don
Seago, William Floyd Jr. "Billy", "Bill"
Sechler, Suzanne
Seely, Jon Ellsworth
Seidenbach, Carol not in 59YB 58YB or HC59
Seiler, Mike
Selby, Clyde
Sellers, Jerry Lee
Sethney, Barbara
Sevall, Joe R. III
Sewell, George Edward
Shands, Ray Charles
Shannon, Darlene Kay
Sharp, George S.
Sharp, John Michael
Shelton, Janette G. "Jan"
Sherrill, Jimmie P.
Shiflett, Harold B.
Shipman, George
Shirk, Frances
Shirk, Sara Davene
Shockley, Billie J.
Shook, Phyllis
Shouse,Frankie Sue
Sieling, Vicki Sue
Simmons, Phyllis Sue
Simon, Catha
Sinclair, Jo Ann
Singleton, Joyce
Sisler, Anne
Skinner, Nina Sue
Slater, Gary Lynn
Sloan, Priscilla (Bell)
Slocum, Judy , Classmates.com
Smith, Betty Khea
Smith, Beverly
Smith, Bill
Smith, Bill L.
Smith, Dianna Sue
Smith, Don Allen
Smith, Geneva Ann
Smith, James Payne Jr. "Jimmy"
Smith, Judy Louise
Smith, Khoa
Smith, Larry D , Tulsa, Oklahoma (left in 59, not in 59YB or 58YB. IN HC59).
Smith, Lila Rhea
Smith, Michael Burwell "Mike"
Smith, Rex Kent
Smith, Ronnie
Smith, Stuart, Classmates.com
Smith, Susan Linda
Smith, Wanda Ann
Smith, William Alan (Bill), Classmates.com
Snell, David
Snow, James Wyatt
Sommars, Janice Rae (Sommers - spelling?)
Son, Phyllis Darlene
Sorrels, Larry F., Classmates.com
Souter, Richard
Southern, Patrica Nell
Spencer, Buddy
Sperber, Roslyn Phyllis
Spiers, Larry, Classmates.com
Spraker, Jo Ann "Jodie"
Spurgin, Agnes Patricia, Classmates.com
Stanford, DeLois
Starr, Hickory Jr.
, Tahlequah, OK. I live in Tahlequah. (Checked in on January 3, 1998.), Classmates.com
Staton, Larry Dee
St. Clair, Carl Wayne
Steele, Melvin A
Stephens, D. Wayne
Sterk, James Richard "Jim"
Stiles, Judy (Barnett)
Judy married Richard C. Barnett in the Tulsa Central Class of 1958. This is not the same Richard Charles Barnett that that was in our Tulsa Central Class of 1959. Judy's Richard contacted me in January, 2005, from this email address: richardbarnett@valornet.com . He is retired and resides in Tulsa. He will be glad to receive email from any of Judy's friends. (He did not mention it, but I heard at the Central Reunion in 2004 that Judy had passed on).
Stilwell, Don C.
Stockton, Truman Carl
Stokes, Farryl not in 59YB, 58YB. or HC59
Stokes, Jane D.
Stottlemyre, Judith
Strahan, Carolyn
Stricker, Detis
Stuntz, Ross Maxwell III
Sullivan, Diane
Sullivan, Patricia (Pat), Classmates.com
Sullivent, Robert Lowell "Bob"
Summers, Kay June
Summers, Mary Faith
Sumter, Hattie Lee
Sunday, Sherry
Sword, Patricia

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Tadpole, Elmer Cullis Jr.
Taff, Barbara Sue
Talley, Roger Phillip
Tate, Sharon Mae (Joyner)
Ron: A couple of updates for the class list. Tate, Sharon Mae. Married name Joyner, Lives in North Dallas. Thanks for maintaining the Class of '59 website. Robert Call, bobcall@sbcglobal.net , Will Rogers '59 (Updated August 25, 2003)
Taylor, Eleanor Ruth
Taylor, Gary Arthur
Taylor, Joel Leon
Tedford, James Lee
Terhune, Barbara Lou
Terrell, Francis "Cody"
Thoele, Sandra Sue "Sandy"
Thomas, David G.
Thomas, Sharon Kay
Thompson, Betty
Thompson, Harry Lee
not in 59YB IN 58YB & HC59
Thompson, Patricia Ann "Patti"
Thompson, Ronald Dean
Thompson, Wilda Lee
Thornton, Howard Wayne
Thorpe, Lanny
Thurman, Ronald D.
Tibbs, Kenneth Lee
Tierce, LaWanda
Tomlinson, Patricia Fern "Pat"
Townsley, Pearl
Trotter, Treva Gay
Tucker, Theo
Turner, Bonnie
Turner, Linda Louise
Turner, Mary
Tuttle, Willard N. "Nick" , Owasso, OK, Classmates.com. Please change your address book to include the following changes OLD ADDRESS: willnickt@aol.com to NEW ADDRESS: willnickt2@sbcglobal.net Hope each of you are doing OK. Thanks, Nick (Updated August 25, 2003)
Tyner, Zora Jane

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Van Cleave, Nancy
Vaughn, Robert

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Wade, Myrna
Waffle, James Arnold
Wales, Patricia Sue (Boyles)
Walker, Eddie
Walker, Hubert Clifford Jr.(Cliff) , Glyfada, Greece, Classmates.com
Walker, Joy Sue
Walker, Wilson Bryan
Wallace, Pat
Walters, Douglas W. "Doug"
Walters, Margie Marie
Walters, Maynard Dale
Ward, Thomas "Bob"
Warner, Frances Junaita
Washington, Jaylene
Washington, Juan-Dola, Classmates.com
Waters, Robert S.
Watkins, Dorothy Lucille
Watkins, Lavada
Wattenbarger, Sondra Louise
Watts, Margaret Jane
Wayland, Robert Franklin Jr. "Bob" , Charleston, Illinois, Gradfinder.com, Classmates.com
Weaver, Patricia Jean
Wehnes, Charles Leroy
Welch, David Allan
Weldon, Doris
Wells, Bette Darlene
Wells, Leslie L.
Wells, Samuel David
West, Eddie Joe
West, Earlyne Joy
Whitaker, Lyn
White, Ernestine
White, Ronnie
White, Sharon Kaye
White, Walter Lawrence
Whitehouse, Jimmy Rae
Whitten, Charles Wayne
Wightman, Richard Eric
Wightman, Richard, Classmates.com
Wilder, Deanna Faye
Wilkerson, Patricia "Pat" (Thomas)
, Classmates.com
Will, Margaret Ann "Maggie" (Cornell)
Willard, Richard Leon
Williams, Frankie Lou
Williams, Joseph "Joe"
Williams, Nancy Lee (Ballew)
, Deceased, Married Donald R. Ballew, brother of Ronald Ballew in this class. They had one boy, David who is in Tulsa, OK.
Williams, Suanne
Willis, Carolyn (Feldkamp)
Willis, George Wade
Wills, Loretta Mae
Wilson, Dorothy Jean
Wilson, Linda Lue
Wilson, Martha Nell
Wilson, Nathan G "Jerry" , Classmates.com
Windle, Don Lee
Wiseman, Donald
Wolfe, Billie Jean
Wolfe, George A. (Andy) , Classmates.com
Woodson, Terry

Woolsey, Robert James (Jim)
James Woolsey President Clinton appointed Robert James Woolsey, Jr., as his Director of Central Intelligence (DCI). for the CIA from 1993-95.
Bio from The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer
Besides serving as Director of Central Intelligence, Mr. Woolsey has served in the U.S. government as: Ambassador to the Negotiation on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), Vienna, 1989-1991; Under Secretary of the Navy, 1977-1979; General Counsel to the U.9 ' Senate Committee on Armed Services, 1970-73; Advisor (during military service) on the U.S. Delegation to the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT 1), Helsinki and Vienna, 1969-1970. He was also appointed by the President as Delegate at Large to the U.S.-Soviet Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) and Nuclear and Space Arms Talks (NST), Geneva, 1983-1986.

Mr. Woolsey was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1941. He is married to Suzanne Haley Woolsey, the Chief Operating Officer of the National Academy of Sciences, and they have three sons: Robert, Daniel, and Benjamin. Mr. Woolsey attended Tulsa public schools, graduating from Tulsa Central High School in 1959. He received his B.A. Degree in 1963 from Stanford University (With Great Distinction, Phi Beta Kappa), an M.A. from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar 1963-65, and an LL.B from Yale Law School in 1968, where he was Managing Editor of the Yale Law Journal, Mr. Woolsey is a frequent contributor to major publications, and from time to time gives public speeches, on the subjects of foreign affairs, defense, energy, and intelligence.
Woolsey And the CIA, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
JAMES WOOLSEY The Former CIA Director Speaks on Iraq
Biography http://www.defenddemocracy.org/biographies/biographies_show.htm?doc_id=154779

Wren, Patsy Louise
Wright, Bufford Wayne
Wyer, Judith Ann "Judy"
Wyncoop, Sarah Ann "Sally" (Danielson)

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Yost, Francis Randolph Jr. "Randy"
, Classmates.com
Young, Carl H. III
, Classmates.com
Young, Donna S (Lower)
Young, Jerry Don
Young, Jerry Wayne
Young, Patricia "Pat"
Young, Theola
Younger, Darrell
Younger, Don
, 9916 E. 7th St., Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Married Sharon Jackson) Don left in the Senior year and is not in the yearbook.

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Zachary, Mary Jo
Zahnd, Emma Lou
Zenor, Hughes Earl
Zingg, Susan Kathleen "Susie" (Paulson)
Zimmerman, William Lee
Zumwalt, Sally
Zuniga, Val

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