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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Kristina. I am a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma. I now teach 5th grade in Texas. Jesus Christ is Lord of my life. Here is a little of my story.

Kris and Kaitlyn, Christmas 2002

I was ten when I became a Christian, but even then, I didn't know what it meant to walk with Christ. Afraid to be labeled a "Bible basher" I hid from my convictions and let fortune play its folly. As in a Tale of Two Cities, "It was the best of times...It was the worst of times." Through it all, Jesus waited patiently by my side. What a blessed Lord we serve.

I prayed that God would send me a miracle so that I could see His glory on earth. He sent me Kaitlyn. What an amazing answered prayer!

Cross with World in back

On November 29, 2003, in the small chapel of FBC Arlington, I married Scott. The following summer, our second daughter Heather Grace was born. Looking at our family I realize how much God smiles on us. It took me 10 years to get to this place, and a few false starts, but my life has finally found peace. God is so good to me!

This is a picture of our two girls taken this summer. What an amazing gift! Every day they teach Scott and I new lessons about living. They looks to us for guidance, and loves us with an innocense that comes straight from the heart. What an amazing reminder of Christ's love. He is ever present and wants to be my closest Friend. I can't imagine life without Him.

Kris and Kaitlyn, Christmas 2002

This is Kaitlyn and I, Christmas 2002.

Kaitlyn, Dec 2002
Kaitlyn October 2002 and December 2000.
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