May 3, 1999 Force 5 Tornado in Oklahoma City, OK "Homeland Security, Tornado Shelter"

Force 5 Tornado destroys hundreds of homes in Oklahoma City May 3, 1999.

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Force 5 Tornado Destroys Hundreds of Homes In Oklahoma City. May 3, 1999 Tornado Path in Oklahoma City, OK

Nothing left of homes except concrete pad.

Handdug shelter under house floor saves entire family.

Storm Shelter. You know you need a storm shelter. A tornado can stike anywhere. Sooner or later a tornado will hit your community. You can build a tornado shelter under your house or in your back yard. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) does not have tornado shelter plans for you, but they do have FEMA fallout shelter plans from the 60s that will protect you from tornados.

Tornado Shelter Plans. There are links to sites that sell tornado shelters in the left column.

A Tornado Shelter is part of Homeland Security.
Updated September 13, 2006