Tulsa Central High School Alumni Web Sites

An umbrella site for Central Reunion Lists:  www.ballew.org/TulsaCHS

Tulsa Central High School Foundation, Inc.  www.tulsacentralalumni.org
Tulsa Central High School Alumni Online Community, Harris Connect LLC   http://www.graduateconnections.com/tulsacentralhs/ This new website is an outgrowth of the Central Alumni Directory the Tulsa Central High School Foundation published in August, 2008. It was part of the contract with the publishing company and the information included in the site is all drawn from that new directory. They will maintain and host the site on an ongoing basis. Marilyn Loucks, CHS 63 CHS Foundation Board of Directors Loucks63@sbcglobal.net

Tulsa Public Schools - Central High School:  http://www.tulsaschools.org/schoolinfo/results.asp?select=Central&Submit=Submit

Central High School Alumni - Tulsa, Oklahoma, on AlumniClass.com:  http://www.alumniclass.com/centraloksrhs

Class of '25:  freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~bulger/25centralhigh.htm
Class of '36:  http://www.deadfred.com/results2_05.php?sPhotographer=T
Class of '37:  http://www.montereau.net/News%2070th%20Reunion.htm
Class of '43:  www.main.org/tulsacentral
Class of '53:  http://www.tulsacentral53braves.com/
Class of '54:  http://home.earthlink.net:80/~dbstewart444/
Class of '55:  www.tulsa.org/tulsaorg/alumni/associations/centralclass/
Class of '57: www.ballew.org/TulsaCHS/Class57k.html
Class of '59: www.ballew.org/TulsaCHS/Class59k.html
Class of '59::  NEW: http://www.classyears.com/tulsacentral59/
Class of '60: http://www.chs60.com
Class of '61: www.ballew.org/TulsaCHS/Class61k.html
Class of '63:  CentralHSClassof63.homestead.com/
Class of '64:  http://www.classreport.org/usa/ok/tulsa/tchs/1964/
Class of '66:   www.TulsaCentral66.com
Class of '68:   hometown.aol.com/central68/
Class of '77:   http://www.tulsacentral77.com/
Class of '86:   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TCHS86/
Class of '88:   http://www.tulsacentral1988.com/and
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