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Just click on my address to leave EMail to ron@ballew.org (Class of 65) to add your name to the alumni list. 

OPTIONAL: Send in a list of graduates for your year from your yearbook if you still have it.

This page is for all OSU Alumni and is sponsored by the Class of 1965.

Class Lists: 

Class of 1966. 
Dawson, Dr. Thomas W.   (Alumni.net)
Hawkins, Joe H.   (Alumni.net)
Jack, Daniel W.   (Alumni.net)
Jorns, David   (Alumni.net)
Ross, Winton A.   (Alumni.net)
Skinner, Dena (maiden: McKeel)   (Gradfinder)
Wintory, Stephen   (Gradfinder)

Class of 1965. 
Armstrong, Lewis   (Classmates.com)
Ballew, Ronald W. (Ron)  I lost my 1965 OSU Yearbook in the 1972 Hurricane Agnes flood in PA. Can anyone give me a list of members of the 1965 class from their yearbook? Living in Lawton, Oklahoma. (Gradfinder.com, Classmates.com, Alumni.net)
Beaven, Michael   (Classmates.com)
Bott, Charles   (Classmates.com)
Burmester, Beth   (Classmates.com)
Carter, Thomas   (Classmates.com)
Clem, Jerry   (Classmates.com)
Clonce, Charles   (Classmates.com)
Couch, Cary   (Classmates.com)
Deweese, Margaret (maiden: Carlin). Oklahoma.   (Gradfinder)
Dhotre, Deepak   (Classmates.com)
Dockray, Carolyn   (Classmates.com)
Ellis, Joe   (Classmates.com)
Engler, William   (Classmates.com)
Fairlamb, Morgan   (Classmates.com)
Francis, Richard (Dick) Logan   (Alumni.net)
Frith, Paul   (Classmates.com)
Fuchs, Marion   (Classmates.com)
Fudge, Phillip   (Classmates.com)
Hales, David   (Classmates.com)
Holt, Charita   (Classmates.com)
Imie, Linda (maiden: Gudgel). Anchorage, Alaska.   (Gradfinder)
Ivy, Carolyn   (Classmates.com)
Jarrett, Jerry   (Classmates.com)
Jensen, Sue (maiden: Brown). Arden, California.   (Gradfinder)
Johnson, Jean   (Classmates.com)
Kimberlin, Linda   (Classmates.com)
Knowles, Michael L.   (Classmates.com)
Lindon, Virginia   (Classmates.com)
Luckinbill, Thomas   (Classmates.com)
Metz, Barbara   (Classmates.com)
Rabbitt, Mary   (Classmates.com)
Reib, Jim   (Classmates.com)
Stewart, Don   (Classmates.com)
Stinson, Gordon   (Classmates.com)
Stonaker, Kim   (Classmates.com)
Stone, Beverlee   (Classmates.com)
Tier, J.S.   (Classmates.com)
Toma, Victor   (Classmates.com)
Wall, David K.   (Alumni.net)
Weathers, Van R.   (Alumni.net)

Class of 1964. 
Deinlein, Betty (maiden: Krueger)   (Gradfinder)
Jangles, Bo   (Alumni.net)
Kenworthy, Jean   (Gradfinder)
Klein, Alan   (Gradfinder)
Knowles, Michael   (Gradfinder)br Vancoevering, Glenn E.   (Alumni.net)
Wlech, Kathleen   (Alumni.net)

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